KEYANDGO Car Rental at Ibiza Airport

KEYANDGO Car Rental at Ibiza Airport
KEYANDGO Car Rental at Ibiza Airport
Car Hire Companies at Ibiza Airport

KEYANDGO Car Rental Services at Ibiza Airport

Upon arriving at Ibiza Airport IBZ, please remember to collect your entire luggage from the baggage claim area before proceeding to the rental car area of the airport. There are many car rental companies at Ibiza Airport available for those who are looking to rent a vehicle during a stay in Ibiza.

Useful information when renting a vehicle at Ibiza Airport from Keyandgo

If you wish to add an additional driver after your rental period has started you must return to the rental location where the driver has to provide the required documentation. In Spain you should drive on the right hand side of the road.

Returning a rented Keyandgo vehicle at Ibiza Airport

Consult with Keyandgo directly on instructions for how and where to return your rental car to them. Make sure to remove your personal possessions from the vehicle before dropping off the key.

How to Contact Keyandgo at Ibiza Airport

For more information please contact Keyandgo on +34 918 340 262.

Where is the KEYANDGO Rental Desk at Ibiza Airport?

At the pick-up point you don't have to go to the rental car counter, you can collect your car keys quickly and conveniently from the key dispensing kiosk. At the Kiosk simply enter your booking number, select a vehicle model from the category you have booked and receive the keys. Directions: Head out of the exit door, turn left and continue for about 100 metres. On the other side of the street you will see a building for parking, where you will see: P2. When you enter immediately turn left and you will find the Goldcar office where the Key'nGo machine is located.

Map of KEYANDGO rental desk at Ibiza Airport

What are KEYANDGO Opening Hours at Ibiza Airport ?

Day Open Close
Monday 08:00 21:59
Tuesday 08:00 21:59
Wednesday 08:00 21:59
Thursday 08:00 21:59
Friday 08:00 21:59
Saturday 08:00 21:59
Sunday 08:00 21:59

The KEYANDGO Rental Desk at Ibiza Airport is located at:

Key'n Go

Tel: +34 918 340 262

What automatic car rentals does Keyandgo offer at Ibiza Airport?

Be cleaner - rent an electric or hybrid car on holiday

Find the cheapest Electric and Hybrid car rental deals at Ibiza Airport

Car Brands Available to Rent from Keyandgo at Ibiza Airport

Keyandgo has 7 different types of vehicles from 24 manufacturers available to hire at Ibiza Airport.