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Buses from Ibiza Airport with Bus Routes and Times

Buses from the airport to the main resorts are operated by transport companies Autobuses San Antonio s.l., Autobuses Voramar-El Goucho s.l., Autocares Lucas Costa s.l. and others.

Ibiza Airport buses from Line 10 operate between the Station Maritima Formentera, Ibiza Town main Bus Station at the Avenida Isidoro Macabich and the airport. The bus stop is located right next to the terminal building, while in Ibiza Town the bus leaves from the central bus terminal in the above mentioned location.

The most up-to-date time table information for buses from the airport can be obtained by telephone on helplines at tel +34 971 340 382 and 971 340 412. An online timetable can be found at ibizabus.com, a bilingual website showing the most important tourist information in English and Spanish.

Party-going passengers will be able to board a night service, namely the Discobus (www.discobus.es), which will transport them between the nightclubs and important resorts after the official bus services have finished for the evening.

Ibiza is known the world over as the party capital of Europe. The six largest clubs are Privilege, Eden, Pacha, Es Paradis, Amenesia and Space, but there are hundreds more and some specialise in particular types of music, while at others "anything goes".

The Discobus service is operated by bus companies Autobuses San Antonio and Voramar el Gaucho y H F Vilas. The relevant bus lines on service will be Line 3 on the San Antonio to Ibiza Town route and bus 13 on the Ibiza Town to Santa Eulalia route.

Ibiza buses leave the airport every 15 minutes during the peak tourist season, which runs from July to August as well as every 20 minutes during the remaining summer months May, June and September.

Line 10 buses operate between the hours of 6.00 am and midnight, starting their journey at Estació Maritima Formentera, travelling via the port to Eivissa (the main bus terminal) and then onward via Sant Jordi to Ibiza Airport. The bus stops in the Port approximately 10 minutes before the arrival time at the Central Bus Terminal in Ibiza.

Line 10 buses link up with the ferry services from Formentera, where the first ferry of the day leaves at 7.00 am and the last one leaves Formentera at 7.30 pm. The ferry operator is Mediterranea Pitiusa, and their timetable and details can also be obtained via a link on the ibizabus.com website.

Ibiza Airport buses going into the other direction start at 6.20 am and finish at 12.20 am at night. During the winter season buses from the airport run only every 30 minutes.

Other important bus lines on the island are Line 1, the route from San Antonio to Stella Maris, Line 2, which covers San Antonio to Port des Tores; Line 35, which runs from Ibiza Town to Can Misses via Sa Carroca to Sant Jordi Airport; and Line 9, which runs from Sant Antoni via Sant Josep to the airport.

For large groups of travelers who want not just transport from the airport to their resort, but would like to travel by bus around the island on excursions there are bus operators like Cosmacar Private Buses Ibiza.

The Ibiza Shuttle Bus is a service that runs 24 hours, every day of the week. A single ticket for the journey from the airport to Ibiza Town – Talamanca would cost EUR 8.75, but return tickets are available, also. The service covers mainly Ibiza Town, San Antonio and Santa Eulalia. This is a good service to take, as no change at Ibiza's main bus terminal is necessary to get to the final destination – taking a taxi during the peak season can prove difficult, when thousands of visitors arrive at the same time to queue up for services.

It is possible with shuttle buses to choose between private transfer and shared transport, which is the cheaper of the two options. The shuttle only takes passengers to the main resorts and their hotels and apartments, private villas and apartments are not covered. It is best to book a return journey right at the outset, when booking travel from the airport, as it is not possible to book the shuttle service for the return journey from the hotel to the airport otherwise.